A Revolution Evolution In Woodturning Education

Many years ago, Bradley McCalister had a dream to create an open studio environment.  In this common space, anyone could come to learn and foster their talents and creative desires. Fast forward to the technology of the 21st century, where Bradley will bring the energy and spirit of Spiracraft Academy to you!  Join a community and Spiracraft on an inspiring journey in woodturning education.

July 1st 2018

On July 1st 2018 Spiracraft™ LLC opened with a Live Grand Opening Celebration on it's Facebook page.

Spiracraft has been in development for several years leading up to it's recent opening. I felt a need to allow the Studios Store and Educational Community to have room to grow and better serve the world wide turning community.

With the transition to Spiracraft, came updated names for the retail and educational components. The Studios Store has grown into " The Turning Shop" with new products and services being offered and updated regularly. The Studios Educational Community has grown now to The "Spiracraft Academy".

What about The Studios of Bradley R.M.? Well, The Studios will continue to function as it was originally intended. When I first created The Studios of Bradley R.M. it was an outlet for my creative endeavors including but not limited to.  Painting, Sculpture, Woodturning, Woodworking, and Film Making. Now you see why the need for Spiracraft began to emerge.

My role as Director of Education at Spiracraft allows me to oversee, guide, and contribute to the educational programs offered at the Spiracraft Academy. A larger course curriculum currently in development, will utilize a broader and more diverse group of educational staff.

I encourage all visitors here at The Studios of Bradley R.M. to continue and follow my personal growth as an artist and creative soul on these pages and in the various social channels I frequent. I also encourage you to become closely involved with all that Spiracraft has to offer both in the educational community at The Academy and The Turning Shop for your turning tools, supplies, and equipment. You will find links throughout The Studios that will take you directly to Spiracraft. See how Spiracraft is Turning Everything Around! Click, Click!

Warmest Regards,

Bradley McCalister