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About Us

Chroma Craft is dedicated to providing new and innovative products including top quality, premium colorants, paints, inlays and casting materials suitable for professional and amateur artisans who demand the best materials for their projects. Our products are directed towards the artisan market involving casting, painting and woodworking including turning, carving and restoration. As part of the Color Technologies operating group, Chroma Craft benefits from the group’s 20+ years of research, development and manufacturing history. Our R&D Department is committed to developing unique and inventive products. Since most of our products are manufactured by us in Georgia, we control the processes and have the highest quality standards in the industry. Chroma Craft’s premium products and techniques can make a good craftsman into an accomplished artist. Use Chroma Craft and turn your workshop into a studio


Wood Dyes Wood dyes provide brilliant transparent colors that enhance but do not obscure the wood grain or figuring. Formulas are made with a fast-drying alcohol base utilizing the highest quality, UV-stable dyes available. Adding pure shellac provides more uniform coverage and helps to seal the wood. Use the dyes as single colors or mix together in liquid form to create new colors. Multiple coats of different color dyes can be applied on top of each other for stunning effects. A clear coat with UV protection, such as our Chroma Craft clear acrylic, is recommended for coating the finished product. All dye colors are offered in liquid, pen and aerosol form that can be used together or separately depending on the user’s preference or desired effect. The pens provide precise lines and shading. Use the new aerosols for beautiful shading effects that have only been achievable by using an air brush. The liquid is used for complete coverage or blotted on with a towel or brush for marbling effects. Denatured alcohol works best for cleaning and blending the colors. Poly Glitter Glitter adds a beautiful sparkle and metallic look to your project. We manufacture our own glitter to rigorous specifications. Unlike ordinary hobby glitter, our solvent and heat-resistant Poly Glitter can be added to Polyester and Epoxy casting resins without it dissolving or the color bleeding or fading. You can also add glitter to solvent or water-based paints, adhesives and CA glue. Make brilliant inlays for jewelry by premixing glitter with our casting resins.

Poly Colors

Our Poly Colors are highly-concentrated color dispersions used for coloring clear or filled epoxy and polyester resin. The UV stable pigments are dispersed in a medium that will cure within the resin to become permanent. Blend the colors to produce any shade desired or combine with Pearlescent, Glow and Glitters for even brighter colors. Adjusting the total amount of color allows shading from transparent to opaque. Pearlescent and Glow Powders Pearlescent Powders provide an array of vibrant colors for mixing in casting resins, water or solvent-based paints, and glues. Even though many of the pearlescent colors look like metal, they do not tarnish or change colors. Mix the powders to create new colors or use them to enhance regular paints and resin colors. Blend with darker colors for an even brighter finish. The glow powder can be used separately or mixed with fluorescent Poly Colors for colored glow-in-the-dark items that kids love! SpinGems™ SpinGems™ are specially formulated polymer chips used to mix in casting resins as well CA glue. They are designed to mix in a 50/50 blend with our Polyester or Epoxy casting resin and used for filling inlays. The chips are available in a variety of sizes and colors including pre-blended stone colors. The small SpinGems™ can be dusted into small cracks or inlays and saturated with our thin CA glue for quick results.

Acrylic Paints

Our water-based acrylic paints are designed to be hand brushed or air brushed. The quick drying formulation can be used on a variety of substrates such as wood, metal and ceramic. All of the colors are compatible with each other and can be blended for an infinite color palette. The transparent colors can be used over wood and still allow the grain pattern and figuring to show. Accent Paste Chroma Craft accent paste is an easyto-use, wax-based formulation containing UV stable gilding and patina colors. The accent paste provides subtle accents or bold metallic effects on wood, metal and ceramics. Colors can used alone or blended and are easily mixed with spirit thinner to adjust the viscosity for your preference of application method (brush, cloth, foam, etc.) Finish with Chroma Craft Clear Acrylic spray for best results. Polyester Casting Resin Clear, colorless and low viscosity makes polyester resins a good choice for many casts and encapsulations. Polyester is UV stable and offers a quick set and project turn-around. It can easily be colored with various pigments or left glass clear for that “window” effect. Polyester resin can also be combined with natural and synthetic products like wood, SpinGemsTM, pigments, glitter, etc. to create entire projects or inlays that enhance other items. Use it to make inlays or pouring blanks for pens, duck and turkey calls, yoyo’s, goblets and any other items that you want to cast. After curing, the blanks are sanded or finished on the lathe.

Epoxy Casting Resin

Our casting epoxy is a 100% solids resin with very low odor and a wide range of utility. We currently offer epoxy in two viscosities. Our low-viscosity product is designed to be cast alone or to encapsulate items. Our high-viscosity or gel product is specifically designed to be thick enough so as not to drip or sag from a vertical surface. Known for its ability to stick to just about anything, our epoxy products can be combined with colorants and various ingredients to glue, decorate, enhance or make blanks to be turned or shaped. Friction Polish Our friction polish is designed to be applied to wood and then polished. Friction generates heat that allows the ingredients to flow around and penetrate the wood. Applying pressure to a cloth as the piece spins on the lathe will generate sufficient heat to spread and polish the finish. Additional coats will build up a high, deep gloss. A waxed friction polish quickly creates a high gloss, final finish. A de-waxed friction polish can be burnished for lower lusters and/or as a sealant coat under a final lacquer coating. Acrylic Spray For a glossy, no-touch finish our Acrylic Spray will fill the bill. This pure acrylic product offers a tough, UV-blocking finish that Provides a permanent, protective coating that will not yellow with age. Moisture-resistant and smudge-proof. Improves contrast of grain and decorations.